Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Archival Rescue 63 ~ Defection, Aus spy network

Another defector, more denials from the Chinese Government, and more silence from Australia's Government;

'Secret documents exchanged' for asylum
June 8, 2005 - 2:02PM Sydney Morning Herald

The friend of a second Chinese diplomatic defector says he handed over secret documents to the immigration department as part of his asylum claim.

Hao Feng Jun, 32, who claims to have worked as a security officer in Tianjin in China's north, says China has a large spy network operating overseas.

Mr Hao has echoed the claims of Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin, 37, who is in hiding after abandoning his post at the Chinese consulate-general in Sydney on May 26.

Mr Chen has said China has about 1000 spies working in Australia and fears he will be persecuted if he returns to China after his four-year posting in Australia.

A friend of Mr Hao, Serene Luo, today said he had supplied documents to the immigration department in February detailing the monitoring of dissident groups, such as Falun Gong.

But she said not all of his documents were handed over.

"Only very few which related to Australian citizens and Falun Gong Association in Sydney [were handed over] because I think that related to his application," she told ABC radio.

"I arranged translation people to do the translation ... but the rest [of the documents] he didn't give to anyone."

Ms Luo said she had been told the case was being processed, but she was worried about her friend's safety.

"I was really worried about his security situation, his safety," she said.

"He is a former police officer and I do know that according to Chinese law a person like him is not allowed to leave China, especially [because] he brought so many secret documents.

"If he has to be sent back to China he would die."

Chinese Government spokesman Liu Jianchao today dismissed claims of a spy ring.

"The news spread by Chen Yonglin is totally fabricated," Mr Liu told ABC radio.

"They are rumours and we hope you will not believe it.

"These rumours are detrimental to China-Australia relations and China is ruled by law and all issues will be handled in accordance with the law."



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