Saturday, February 19, 2005

Free Blog Service ~ Inter-mediating

Sometimes when some people write about some stuff that some other people have written the original stuff that the some other people wrote mysteriously disappears and some people are left with a brief excerpt and a link to the original material that just "hangs" there, leading to nowhere.

So. Am providing free service to the Sydney Morning Herald by posting "back-up" copies of some Sydney Morning Herald articles, which I educate myself with. Is always nice to give a little something back in return for what I learn.

This blog has no blog-ads. It is a totally not-for-profit free'd information liberational service. All postings will include original title, author and date. All postings posted "unedited", appearing as they appeared originally in the Sydney Morning Herald. Link of origin will be posted with each article. Remains to be seen what remains of links over time. Please visit the real Sydney Morning Herald to read their fresh publishings which have not disappeared yet (Syd Morn Herald site registration required, it's free too).

Articles chosen on whim, as per norm blog habit.

This log is independent and in no way associated with the real Sydney Morning Herald. It is just sort of like what my grandma used to do, when she collected press-clippings of the Queen.

Blessed be ye with peace, non-denominationally.


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