Saturday, February 19, 2005

The link that made me do it

The link that made me do it.


"The web page might have moved or had it's name changed".

I originally linked this link, before this link disappeared, because a short excerpt from the article it belonged to fueled a web-diarisation. A diarisation written in a fit of cheesed-offness at some MP's who were trying to pretend that shit doesn't happen. In their names. I was also a bit brassed off at some other media sources who seemed to be pretending along with some MP's, for a while.

Either some lawyer pulled weight and asked the SMH to pull an article which appeared to be helping some MP's besmear some other peoples names, or the SMH just decided some people who are not MP's had been through a rough enough time already and deserved a break.

Whatever the reason, the disappearance means we now have a gaping rift in the space-time blog continuum. People could be in danger of forgetting what a shameful disgrace to human rights some MP's are.

Lost - a resource that we (ok, me) could've harked back on, over 'n again, in holding some MP's accountable for their outrageous and libelous language.

I can't help feeling that someone just wiped fingerprints of the revolver.


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