Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A Great loss of learning

A message from Nostradamus to web users.

Le grand perte las que feront les lettres,
Auant le cicle de Latona parfaict,
Feu grand deluge plus ignares Sceptres,
Que de long Siecle ne se verra refaict.

A great loss, alas! there will be of learning,
Before the cycle of Latona [the moon] is completed;
Fire, great flood more through ignorant rulers,
How long the [Lunar] cycle will not see itself restored.


Pretty clear. But just to emphasis, a decoding;

Line 1 ~ self explanatory. Nostradamas is very specific here and literally spells it out. "Les Lettres". Letters. ABC, or 123 if you like. Units from which language, indeed reality based life, are constructed.

Line 2 ~ moon= think of all the cyclic events you can think of that are "cycling" right now and involve moons, but are incomplete. To shed it more light on, think of all the incomplete moons you can think of. Not sure I am being very specific here. How to ebb clearer, ok, think of a moon that is turned and a cycle not yet at fullness. Goodness. Perhaps I should stop and move on to line 3.

Line 3 ~ Grand deluges plus indignitions and sceptres.
  • fire=mars/war/inflammations of the earth and mind/molotov cocktail throwing/etc.
  • flood=no need to go on too much here, general large sweeping bodies of water engulfing the earth, freakish tides and melting icecaps.
  • "more through ignorant rulers"= clear statement pertaining to previous bullet points (no need to press issue here on this blog at this moment).
Line 4 ~ "How long the [Lunar] cycle will not see itself restored". Line works on various levels. In web context, Lunar=loopily whimsical nature of the web.

Techy compulsive archivalists need to get their techy archival selves on to it. Or all our learning will be lost. And looking at the time-frame as indicated by a series of events, I would say it's getting rather urgnet.


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